Crying Uncle, Uncalled For & On Call!

“Crying Uncle, Uncalled For & On Call!” What? So, I got a call from one of my best friends who lives in Pennsyl vania. She was pouring out her heart about how someone she cared for had hurt her so bad and she felt deceived and let down and she wanted to cry or explode or both. Totally understand. But, I told her the following after much tears and roaring laughter: When you get in a sit where someone you love does something so uncalled for, there’s One who’s always on call. He sees, He knows, He cares. Being quiet at the other end of that uncall is a classy call. But, a hard call. 'stead? Call out. Don’t give in and cry uncle. Cry on call. PIMP LOL. And, while on call? Pray for them and for On Call to reveal to them a way to make things right. Yes, I still believe in miracles. Not naive, just hopeful. Have a fun week. Be on call for someone who may need to talk and pray. Cryin’ uncle hurts. Cryin’ on call heals. Either way? Something moving happens. They are moved to make it right or you are moved to move on. And, I have the perfect song for this...   Signed, In The Groove, Not Always Into The Move

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