You Gotta Hand It To Stress!

I am only beginning to realize how stress can make a mess. Of us. Or, make the best. Of us. More than any other factor in life. How we handle stress depends on how hands on we are with God, I believe. Stress is the “I” factor. God is the “You” factor. It’s just a matter of time before the things that used to matter so so much, the things that dishearten us, will, as a matter of fact, matter less, and we will let those matters stop dissing us. And, the things that hearten us, will matter more. We all ask ourselves “What in the world’s the matter with me to worry about things that shouldn’t matter?!” Well, as a matter of fact, we will get to that time quicker by taking all matters to God. Not to the world. It matters to Him. We make a mess of matters. He made a mass of matter. We make a stress of matters. He stresses what matters! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Signed, Hands Out, Hands on, Hands Up! Hands Down!

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