“WINGED INSTRUMENTS!” What? So, I was thinking about music today as I was searching for comfort food. I can’t eat like everyone else and so wanted to just lay down and pig out and be comforted. But, I had to search for a diff comfort food. So, I chose to sing a li’l. Still out of shape from being sick but did a li’l. Anyways, after I sat back down to wait for a friend to come over and visit and talk, I got to thinking about some things I’ve heard over the years of being in music and bands, etc. There are those who would say that the lyrics in a song and the lead voice are the most important and must be way above all the other instruments. And, I say, yes, the voice and lyrics must be heard. But, they are instruments like all other parts of a band or group! Lyrics are powerful! But, I say balance. We write our own music and lyrics and do strongly believe the lyrics are def important, but not any more than the musical instruments and other vox that intertwine with the lyrics to get the song across. And, to us, the most important instrument of all? Our heart and soul. Some would say that saying that puts those instruments in the brass section. PIMP LOL. I think they belong in the string section . Because our music does come with strings attached. DUH LOL. Anyways, I think of the bird. It makes no words, yet its instrument makes us stop and listen, and, makes us feel. Think of the orchestras that set moods in movies and shows to make us feel. My point is that every part of a song is an instrument and is an important part. A band is a team. A song takes a team. I am a singer and love to sing for others, but I must listen to ALL the other instruments that make me feel while I am singing to get my heart and soul tuned up. I mix with the music and the lyrics and other vocals, to make the song. It’s not me alone. It’s not the lyrics alone. It’s not just one instrument. It’s all. Sometimes, I think the bird has the right idea. It can make us feel without words… Heart and soul is how we sing like a bird. It’s how we fly. And, it’s how we help others soar. Make others feel. The spirit in us. All that being said? Maybe this bird could have used less words. I apologize, but my thoughts took flight. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, if you are interested in our music, stop by SIGNED, The Winger In The Singer & The Vox With The Jokes Takes Delight In The Flight

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