'WALKING DEAD! OR ALIVE!" What? So, I watched so many Walking Dead this week while sick with my tooth and other stuff, that when I woke up in the middle of the night last with a fever and the AC wasn’t working? I felt like a zombie myself and half expected to see one lurking in the next room. Or, in the mirror. I did manage to go back to sleep with a splitting headache (better than a split head) so I’m not walking dead today. Just look it. PIMP LOL. What? That’s how they killed them! Split their head! Oh! And, we reset the high pressure switch on the AC and hit the breaker and it seems to be cooling the hot house now. We get a lot of brown outs here in PSJ. I think it’s the zombies at FPL who do all the pricing. DUH LOL. Anyways, i forgot to mention the 1st thing I did. Pray. That's how I walk around alive! Have a fun weekend. SIGNED, The Zombie In The Mombie

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