Turn The Page!

“TAKES SPINE TO TURN THE PAGE…” Seems like that’s all I do in the book of my life is turn the page. Well, duh! We all do that. Oh, sometimes, we get stuck on a chapter or try to cheat and look at the ending, but pretty much, we turn the page. We have to if we want to finish. I’m an open book most times, sometimes, hardback, sometimes soft, but always got life covered. My author and publisher? The Maker of Heaven and earth. He gives my book spine! And, you gotta have spine when you’re an open book! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. I figure He did alright with heaven and earth, so he can publish my book, alright. And, speaking of publishing? I am hoping this is the year I stay well and get my book published and. Much more music, too. Song for today? “Turn The Page” of course, by Bob Seger. My fave song. I can hear it now. Seen him in concert several times. Know the song by heart. Even did a paper on it in college. Anyways, as the bible says, He really is the author and perfector of our faith. Might as well do the same with the book of our life. He’s got it covered! Well, I gotta book it, now. No, I mean really book it! Do some resting and get outta here. Then, later I’ll book it. And, do some reading. You guys keep turning the page. Just like me. We may not always be on the same page, but we're in the same! And, thanks so kindly for all the prayers. Still need them, but better. Oh! And, if you've never heard this song, I posted a "live" version in my first comment. Worth the time. Signed, The Plight In The Write Writes The Book With A Hook

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