Turkey Scraps!

"WILD TURKEY & TURKEY SCRAPS!" So, I hope you guys all have a thrilling hopeful, joyous, peaceful, Thanksgiving! No scrapping on Turkey Day. Unless you're eatin' the scraps. I know we'll be fighting (scrappin') over the scraps tomorrow. PIMP LOL. Holidays sometimes make us act like turkeys! We get into scraps. Seriously! I'm not talkin' turkey. Here's my story. Ever seen a Wild Turkey? I have! The bird kind and the bottle kind. Years ago I got off of Wild Turkey! Cold turkey! It was gobbling me up. I dont act like such a turkey anymore. Well, not much! PIMP LOL. Got something you are struggling with? It IS possible to overcome. Dont let anything gobble you up. Take your turkey to God. Nothings too wild for Him! Youll be thankful you did. Being thankful helps you not miss out on the other stuffing! He takes our scraps and what's left of our stuffing and makes us whole. Have fun joining together with family & friends to be thankful. Dont scrap with any turkeys. Some are just full of it! Stuffing, I mean. Dont you be. Oh! The photo? A turkey made from scraps of farm machinery by an awesome artist friend Rem Brent! Hes my stand-in turkey until we get done grilling our turkey tomorrow. Ours got into a scrap! PIMP LOL. Heres the story on that: Were gonna wait to grill our turkey on Friday. He's pretty chilled out right now, so we're gonna let him sweat a li'l, then grill him to find out if hes the 1 who gobbled up the ham we were saving for Christmas. Hell prolly get snoody, but wattle we do? Ill tell ya what! Were really gonna cook him on the grill for real! Mugshot Friday. Have a fun thankful day of giving! Oh! And, since we are grilling, I'd thought it appropriate to share our fire song about hopes and dreams and not giving up. Being thankful in the fire, by the fire and through the fire. Hope you like it. It's in the 1st comment. Signed, The Ham In The Maam

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