Turk E. Brown!

Heres the mug shot I promised of our friend Turk E. Brown who was convicted of trying to abscond with Thanksgiving supper. He didnt get too far before he lost his head and was captured. He got heated up during our grilling, but, he gave away no secrets! He did not even cave during intense grilling. He got snoody and hung on by the skin of his ummteeth? Though, in the end, wattle we do? He didnt have a leg left to stand on. Just a wing and a flare up of fire at the end. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day and don't let life gobble you up. Stop by my other stories in this album and the free Christmas song in the first comment. BTW, the snood and the wattle are the hangy skin stuff on neck and protuberance. Signed, The Killer Griller

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