"TRACEBOOKING! TOUCHING A LIFE, TOUCHING A LIKE! BUTTON!” So, we all know great minds think alike, but did you know that great minds on facebook think a "like"? PIMP LOL. You know, I’ve been “ignored, banned, blocked, reported, defriended and hidden” by so many friends here you’d think I’d book it and go somewhere else. Nah! I just keep face-booking it. PIMP LOL. I know that some read my stories, look at my photodrama and listen to our tunes and vids. To make someone smile, laugh or sing along. That’s enough for me. God knows my heart and why I do it. Why we do it. Though, I admit I do book it out there in the real world more. I like facebook-to-facebook for lots of stuff and thankful to be able to share, but face-to-face is more ♥-to-♥. The eyes and the soul reveal more than fb can conceal. That’s the good news AND the bad news. PIMP LOL. I mean just what or why do we post on fb? What do we expect? To be liked by everybody? PIMP LOL. After all… Great minds think alike. But, great minds on facebook think a “like”. DUH LOL. Just kidding. I don’t need no like. I just need a mike. Shure! So, I can go back to singing… And sharing on fb. And, in the real book…of life. I'm thinking a like already. What? Nah. No comment. PIMP LOL. A life touched doesn't always mean a "like" button touched. I know what your great mind is thinking... Love all you fb friends. Same goes for all my other sites. Have a fun week. Gotta book it, now… SIGNED, The Tracebooker

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