“TO DOOZ or TO DOZE?” Have you ever had one of those days where a whole week hits you in one day and you’re in a umm…daze?! A daze day. PIMP LOL. When you have one of doze daze, it’s time for a doze. PIMP LOL. I know… You’re thinking…. One of deez daze she’s gonna stop… Nah! Oh! And, if you’re like me? Dozing doesn’t always take the daze away! So, I dooz something. Like music or work or send a card to someone or a note or… Well, you get it. Sometimes, we need to doze. And, sometimes, we need to dooz. Gotta go. Gots things to dooz. SIGNED, The Doze In The Prose & The Pros Of The Doze

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