“THE VICTORIES OF THE VELVET VICTORIAN!” What? So, it’s been a quite awhile since I grabbed a piece of time to look at a piece of my fave magazine. Let alone, the whole thing! Like years! It’s called The Victorian Trading Company. One day I’m gonna just buy the company and everything they have. But, for now? I dream. I love old stuff, Victorian stuff, especially. Although, I do tend to mix it with modern and country and… I guess I like it all. But, Victorian makes me feel good. The velvets, the styles… They soothe me and make feel ecstatic with their aesthetics. PIMP LOL. Whether it’s furniture, clothes, décor… They give me a sense of comfort, home-iness. Victory! If I was a Comic Strip, I would so be called “The Victories of The Velvet Victorian!” And, you know my most fave comfort? The velvet voice of God that I hear in my soul. Have a day of victory. Listen to the voice of God. One last thing? In case you are wondering? No, I don’t always feel victorious. But, even in my less than victorious moments, I go by my faith not my feelings. That’s the velvet stuff. That’s my comfort! And, that? Is still victory! Signed, The Electric Eclectic Eccentric Victorian Who’s Ecstatic Over Aesthetics

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