The Tweaks In My Weaks!

“SEEK THE TWEAK!” My body wreaks havoc. My mind speaks havoc. My emotions freak out from havoc. But, my spirit seeks God and tweaks havoc. Leaks tears of peace. Saving me. From myself. My poem I came up with as I sat thinking about our different parts of our being and how God made us. I know we can all relate to how the different parts of our being fight each other and affect each other. And, how like the photoart, we get torn up and crumpled like the poem on paper. But, we need not be bleak. Or, feel up a creek. Without a paddle. For, our spirit and the spirit of God in us, is our paddles to guide. And, maybe sometimes, to spank! PIMP LOL. Yes, our spirit leaks peace. Through the tears. Sometimes, of pain. Sometimes, of joy. But, always moistens our spirit with peace. In the end. Someday we shall have new bodies to house these spirits of ours. Might sound Greek, but that’s what the bible says. Until then, we take care of our home. All parts of us. Heart, soul, mind and strength. So, we can do like the song says. Love God with all. And, others. Seek the tweak in the middle of your weak. Every day of the week. Love you guys for taking time and for your prayers. Signed, The Peaks In My Weaks Put Color In My Cheeks

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