The True Colors Of A Fall!

“THE TRUE COLORS OF A FALL!” I miss Pennsylvania fall and the colors and change of season so much. Yes, I fall for fall. So much that I imagined today that I was back in the mountains and part of that thrill this year. I put myself in a friends photograph just to feel the change again and then see it! Barefoot with a clump of gorgeous leaves for my collection. Now, I am imagining that it won’t be long before we are making a huge pile to jump in. Anyways, got me thinking about how we fall at seasons in our lives. Sometimes, you gotta be right smack in the middle of the fall to see the true colors of yourself and others and then, change. Sometimes, you just gotta put yourself out there to feel the change. And, then see it. You gotta branch out. Show your true colors. The thing about fall? It’s only for a season. Just like when we fall. We get up. Change… For the true colors of a fall show our rather hueman colorful side. I’ll just leaf you with that! Signed, Colorfully Putting Myself Out There

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