"THE REMEDY OF COMEDY IS A MELODY IN YOUR MALADY" My father-in-law was a jokester and loved humor, too, and always used to tell me that when I laughed it sounded like I was also singing. So, I called it laughsing instead of laughing. So, it fits my saying today: The remedy of comedy is a melody in your malady. Laughter in the midst of a malady IS a sweet melody and a remedy. Or, as most of you say it? Laughter is the best medicine. And, the cheapest. So, go find the laugh in your path. Oh! And, the collage photodrama? One is Poppie, my father-in-law, playing some tunes, when he was in the war. And, another is him sitting on our old front porch at our old River House right next to my fave rocker he gave me. Yes, I’m a rocker who’s off her rocker! PIMP LOL. But, just to take this shot. And, the other photograph? Two of my engineers I worked with at the Space Center. We all had maladies on this day and decided some humor and pizza was in store. And, of course, I thought of staging this photo for a joke I just told them about how many KSC DOD engineers does it take to play a guitar? 1 to hold it, 1 to strum it and 1 to find a suitable acronym for the event. PIMP LOL. But, really? They were a great team to work with. Had a lot of comedy remedies in our days as a team. SIGNED, Dr. Laughsinger & Dr. Finder...Of The Whoas In The Woes

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