The Red Tape Escape!

"THE RED TAPE ESCAPE!" I know that life is a gift each day and I was reminded of that today when I just felt like hiding out because the whole year hit me at once and I wrote the following after letting the overwhelming "things" get to me: Ive decided to skip December and hide out. You might see a couple stories or music but, as for me and my hide? We're hiding. So, I shall see everyone January 2014. 'bout a day or so, right? Just a jump and a skip away. Some years hit you all in 1 day. Signed, Skipping Out Steada Flipping Out

But, someone reminded me that you have to be present in life to see the gift. Which, you guys all know and you all know that I know, I know. Just sometimes, that present, that life, comes wrapped in red tape and I get all tangled up and tied up in it and stuck. PIMP LOL. I'll be thinking outta the box again As soon as someone helps me get all untangled and out of this comic strip. Yes, sometimes, we need help! HELP! And, sometimes we need to escape, but, only an escape from the red tape, not the presence. We might not feel needed, but each of us are. And, our greatest gifts are always present: Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Signed, The Girl In Red Tape Will Indeed Escape

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