The Outside Chance!

"OUTSIDE CHANCE!” Just outside to pray. On the outside chance He might hear me better from this down to earth place I stand because I have some big stuff to talk about. Just kidding! Only about the hearing me better outside part. I know He hears us the same from anywhere and everywhere. But, sometimes feels closer to heaven just touching the earth outside. Got me thinking… Our emotions, bodies and brains are meant as unique tools by our spirits to bring us down to earth so’s we can interact with others. And, the spirit of God, in us, is meant to guide our spirit in both the heavenly ways and all our earthly ways. Our spirit should be our deciding vote of the 4 parts of us and the Holy Spirit should be guiding light. Sometimes we act so “heavenly” that there is no earthly way we can possibly do anything but in get in God’s way. No way! Yes! Way! Have a fun weekend. We are, indeed, crazy creatures, beasts of burdens, but there is one to take the burdens to. Let’s not get in His way. Our emotions can get bratty and our bods can get bossy. And, our brains? Just plain dumb. We can find a way to be of earthly good without being so heavenly. How? Being real. Being us. And all parts of us being guided our spirit and God’s. Anywhere and everywhere we are. He hears us… Signed, I Have An Odd Bod

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