THE GIFTER! FREE GIFTS & REGIFTS! Maybe you can't buy a lot of gifts this year. There are free gifts and regifts! Some funny, some serious, all free. So, maybe you cant give a watch, but you can give that special someone the time of day. And, maybe you cant buy someone that new house or that addition, but you can give them some space. We could all use that, sometimes. Or, maybe you cant buy that gorgeous piece of jewelry they had their heart set on, but you can sure give them yoursgive your heart. You know? Your "dear" presence! Or, should I say deer presence. Be a gem. In person. Photo? I put my sparkly deer ornament as a decoration for the dear presence package and you get the rest. Maybe you cant buy that present they want or surprise them with things you so want to get them to show your love, but you can give the gift that keeps on presenting, your presence. Most of all? You can share His presence. It is a free gift, also. So, if you're out racing 'round the net track this cyber Monday, zoom by our site at for a download of our Christmas song. Hope it gets your heart racing. For God, for others. It's called God's Favor. Ya know I used to be called the gifter way before that gifter commercial. I loved finding that perfect special gift for everyone in my life. Not just the ones I found favor with or the ones that found favor with me. Something to make them smile or laugh and treasure. So, they could see God cared. I cared. The only thing I can give everyone this year is this song, part of us. I'd consider it a huge favor out of love if you would accept our gift. 'tis free for everyone. The Ultimate Gifter? God. BTW? You guys are all gifts to me. Taking time with our music and my stories and all. You give me lots of space. To write. And, laugh. And, lots of dear presence at my posts and my b'log and music sites. Much love deers! Trace

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