“THE EARLY BIRD EATS THE EARLY WORD!” Yes, the early bird does get the worm. And, gets fed. But, to get the early Word? Makes the bird sing. AND, get fed! I know… This bird is absurd. Word! Oh! And, speaking of birds? I love to sing. Can I get a witness? And, I love to write real life hope and humor. Can I get a witness? Well, can I get a witless? PIMP LOL. For real, whatever we do? Be legit! THAT will be our witness! Have a legit weekend. That’s my word. On the Word! It’s legit. Check it out! Spread your wings and spread the Word. Or, sing it! Oh! And, we really do have little wormies all over our maple tree and front of the house. Well, caterpillars. But that's another story on my b'log and on my fb wall. So,s hould I "tweet" this? PIMP LOL. Couldn't resist. Have a fun weekend. Miss my girl in our nest today. She's at Disney. Our nest always has room for our li'l birdies. And, worms. And, words. Last thing? I am so feeling Fall today... So, feeling fall... SIGNED, The Bird In The Word Finds The Wit In The Legit —

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