The Dirt On Getting Clean!

“THE DIRT ON CLEAN HEARTS! Yes, I do know my jeans, boots, shirts and fingerless gloves look worn and raggedy and, maybe even torn. My shirt cuffs and sleeves get dirty because I use a lot of elbow grease and I write off the cuff. Sometimes, I wear my feelings on my sleeves, right above the fingerless gloves. I get on my knees. And, I walk the distance. When I sing, I try to tear it up! PIMP LOL. Yes, I gotta get dirty to stay grounded! Yes, my life and I may appear torn and worn, but that's how I clean it up! A fave verse? "Create in me a clean heart, O God." And, a fave song for this story? “Give Us Clean Hands!” So, yes, I get down and dirty to clean it up. And, to stay grounded. I may get torn, worn, and, even forlorn. But, not for long. Dirt is more lovely on the knees than on the lips. Dirty knees, clean heart! Have a fun day. Get down! And, get dirty! And, one more thing. I speak from experience when I say that the first step to getting clean when it comes to addictions or anything? Is getting your knees dirty!!  Signed, Forlorn For Long? Not!

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