Tendon"see Towards Truth!"

"Tendon"see Towards Truth!" Truth... Carries a lot of weight! It’s something to get up in arms about! PIMP LOL. Builds you up and has a way of working itself out. Truth makes you feel your soul tendons and muscles getting stronger! That’s pretty heavyweight! Hope you have an uplifting day. With a “tendon”see towards the truth. I try to remember that even on my weakest day, knowing and living the truth, strengthens my weak. And, when I feel the weights weighing me down, I know to wait. Things will have "tendon"see to change. In the meantime, I lift up my weights to the heavens. To the truth. One more thing? Lifting up others lifts some of the weight off of us. SIGNED, The Girl With the Curl Givin’ It To You Straight

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