“TALK TO THE HAND: A GERBIL AGREEMENT!” So, you are probably wondering just what in the world is she talkin' 'bout now! Well, I was thinking about agreements and our word again because a circumstance came up recently and got my wheels turning. So, sometimes, trusting and making a verbal agreement can, down the road, turn into a verbal disagreement. Where you go round and round, and it turns into a Gerbil disagreement. PIMP LOL. Get it in writing! Or, learn to live with the fact that not all verbal agreements trusted in are from trustworthy people. Some are from rats. And, sometimes it’s hard to smell a rat when you want so much to smell a wonderful herbal scent. You know? Savor the aroma of a true friend. Like Herb! PIMP LOL. So, for yourself, always make verbal Herbal agreements that smell of honor. Not verbal Gerbil agreements that smell of a rat and keep you going round and round. Let your yea’s be yea’s and your nay’s be nay’s. So, that your yay’s can be yay’s! If, you get “talk to the hand”? It’s time to talk to the Man. There is one you can always trust with your verbal, Gerbil and Herbal agreements. To get you off the wheel, so you can heal. Though, I have to admit, some rats only deserve a “talk to the hand”. PIMP LOL. Nah. Forgiveness is for all. Oh! One last joke? Great minds think alike. Great minds on facebook think a "like". PIMP LOL. Have an honorable and great day, mind you. Think before you like an agreement. Just my spin on the wheel of life, on the wheel of facebook. That's how I roll! And, spin. Song for this story? "The Wheels Of Life" by one of my alltime fave guys, Gino Vannelli. Take a chance and listen to the song in the 1st comment! SIGNED, The Fluster In The Truster

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