"SUMMER BREEZE!" ♪♫ Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind. Insert guitar licks…♪♫ Yep. A summer breeze, makes me feel fine… Well, at least a bit better. I sat outside again today and I was eating ice chips 'stead of potato chips because I can't have chips. Life can be cold. DUH LOL. But, I can't have all that salt or other stuff in it. Can't have much, but I'm outside in the breezy heat, and me thinks the ice chips are cool. PIMP LOL. I know! I’m all that and a bag of ice chips! At least, that’s something! Anyways, computer and me still broke and broken, but sayin’ I’m feelin’ fine is way betta than layin’ on the whine. And, besides? The jasmine is coming back on my front porch after cutting back for painting and it is blowing through my mind today. Hope you guys have a breezy weekend. I made home-made BBQ sauce and Sam is going to grill chicken wings while I make salads and Garnet Rose husks corn for steamed corn-on-the cob. I have figured out a fewof the issues in safe-mode with my computer and I know the printer is shot and is causing the blue screen because I uninstalled and disconnected and that took care of one problem. Though, I must have a printer and there are many other issues. Anyways, supper will take my mind off me and the computer and put it back on the summer breeze and the jasmine. And, the smell of fine food. Without the whine. Cuz, we don’t drink. Or complain. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, "Summer Breeze"? Just one of my all-time fave songs by Seals & Croft. No. Life ain't always a breeze. But, 'stead of complaining and layin' on the whine, I like to be thankful to God and find the fine. SIGNED, The Singer In The Winger & The Fine Without The Whine

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