“SQUIRRELS & LAURELS!” What? So, I’m burnin’ up the keyboard and my brain trying to fix my email program and the whole computer. Seems some squirrels hacked and messed it up again and I can’t seem to get it to work. Both the computer and my brain! PIMP LOL. Nutty stuff. There’s a .msi file missing, so if you need to email me, try fb or calling because I’m not sure when I will succeed. But, I’m a computer nerd and freak and detective of computer problems which makes me a Frerd Detective. So, I must figure this out. Today, I was supposed to be resting on my laurels, not being pestered with jesting by the squirrels. Oh well. The squirrels know me and my laurels well and we shall all be resting on my laurels soon. Before my hands burn up. And, my brain. Signed, The Squirrels In My Laurels Know The Jester & Pester In My Rester

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