SOLE & SOUL! Just A Shoe Story!

God’s ways are mysterious. And, waiting for us to jump in with both feet and investigate. And, I’m always hopeful they’ll be a cool pair of boots or shoes to jump into in each mystery. What? You gotta have sole AND soul to seek! Just sayin’… SIGNED, The Defective Detective Who’s Reflective
Oh! And, here are 3 more short stories/thoughts for today:
Sadly, the dust bunnies may be losing their extended year-long sanctuary here, soon. If this bunny can get hoppin' today! PIMP LOL. Hope you find sanctuary today. SIGNED, The Hop Behind The Flop
Next week or so I’ll be sending out a care package and a care card. Just a li’l TLC from TLG. That’s me. TLG. Oh my! This Mama would send them every day if she could. But, they have restrictions on using too much Oh Mama Care! What? Can’t ever have enough of Mama’s care. It’s free and preventative medicine. Couldn’t resist a li’l political humor. I believe there will def be laughter in the after. Because, it gives us such powuh in the now uh! Signed, TLC In The TLG
I'm making a Greek salad tonight for supper, but I had taken my contacts out from my eyes still being so puffy and had to put on 2 diff pairs of glasses at the same time to see what I was doing. See, I like to see detail and far range sight. Anyways, I looked pretty nerdy. Even before the glasses. So, instead, I’m calling the finished product a variation on the Greek Salad. I call it the Geek Salad. No “r” necessary. No photographs necessary. SIGNED, The Geek In The Greek

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