“SIT’ ON IT?” I was transplanting a bougan to where it gets more sun because it hadn’t grown in 7 years. It hadn’t died, but it hadn’t grown. Wasn’t grounded and rooted and hanging out in the right place. My west chocolate brown wall is so bare and in need of company. So, they were both happy. Me, too. Doesn’t take much to make me smile. Can’t wait ‘til it takes over the whole wall. Anyways, I also was seeing wasps, as I had for over a week. Every time I sat back down in my chair, there they were flying ‘round me. I thought it was just cuz of my leftover perfume on me from the day before. Nope. My girl came out to sit with me and she jumps up and starts hollering, saying it was coming from my chair. I threw my chair upside down and there was a huge wasp nest. I am so surprised that I hadn’t gotten stung. We have a love hate relationship. They love me. I hate them. Which brings me to the spray!!! Gone now! Anyways, sometimes the answer is right there. Under you. And, you’re just sitting on the answer. Afraid it might hurt. Maybe not always on purpose, but sittin’ on it, nonetheless. Or, it’s not the answer you want. I really just wanted to buy all new plants and out on that west side, but God brought that poor bougan to my mind that hadn’t grown. So, we make do. So, we get stung and have pains finding answers, but, as I always say: sometimes, you just gotta get dirty to stay grounded. Sometimes, you just gotta transplant. To grow. Sometimes, the transplant means just getting off your butt. Shocking! PIMP LOL. Have a lovely day. Don’t sit on it! OH! And, the photograph? It doesn’t look like much. Just like some of the answers we get. But, if you have faith and imagine what can be and trust God? You can imagine the growth and beauty in His, otherwise, seemingly dirt of an answer. Signed, Not Sittin’ On My Dirt

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