"SINICAL!" So, I was thinking about the other day. Thinking that I was getting a bit cynical. My cynical had reached a pinnacle. I was at church, so maybe I should spell it sinical. PIMP LOL. Just means the preachin’ and praisin’ was good. Just ask Vince and Vic. The 2 cons that came. ConVinceing and conVicting! See, everyone’s welcome at God’s church! They sure did convict and convince me of my sinical. Speaking of cons? Have I ever been in jail? That's anotha story. BTW? I had missed 3 weeks of church very ill, still fighting, but back singing and I got a Christmas gift from Haydee and Ray. Delish bread and a card from 2 sweet friends. Plus lotsa hugs from lotsa dearhearts! Seems I got both kinds of bread there, realizing, once again, that God is my Pinnacle. Signed, Akin To The Sinical & Relative To The Pinnacle

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