Shootin' Birds!

"SHOOTIN' BIRDS!" This morning there was like 500 enchanting birds of every color and variety dancing 'round our front yard. So, of course, I started dancing and singing with my rose mic, but scared them. PIMP LOL. So, I grabbed my cam and got a few birds, but mainly stayed quiet from the porch to enjoy the moment. So need a newer one to zoom in better. This 10 year old camera/vid is getting snappy with me. It keeps blinking at me. I shutter to think what it will do if I ever got a new one. It already shot me some birds this morning. PIMP LOL. Anyways, its been a flashy, but true colors friend to us for music & life. I got it from Sam for Christmas when I wasn't expected to be around much longer to inspire me. I was much too sick, but the more I played with it as I learned to live each day, each month, each year, I found another joy to help me heal. Yes. It's old, but at the time, I never realized what a door it would open up. If I could get a shot of that door, it would lead right into my soul and would be antique blue velvet inlays on chocolate brown wood with jewels of every color and lace. What? Anyways, when moments get tough, and they do, before you shoot a bird, try shooting another kind of bird. Or, singing like a bird. Or, flying like a bird. Be inspired. One step at a time. One snap at a time. When you feel like "oh shoot", take a shot. At life. Be inspired. Then, inspire. Oh, and yes, that is a shot of a Cardinal I got and clone imposed it in a still from a video Sam shot of me doing Love Lifted Me outside in the yard. Yep. Hre's the vid: Signed, The Ham In The Cam From Sam

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