“SHHH!” So, by the grace of God, I’ve conquered and survived hurricanes, floods, being snowed in, having my stomach removed, brain nerve surgery, being a mama & step-mama & wife, seizures, being a gymnast, car being totaled by a drunk driver, many surgeries, drug/alcohol addiction, losing loved ones, racing cars, first time on stage, Mexican jail, life without a cell phone, a weekend without the internet, working at a bank, shot at by drug dealers, lived alone 9 years, no car, 15 years at the Space Center, no dishwasher, and even not getting my own way, but there is one thing I don’t feel I can say I have actually conquered, rather still surviving that battle. Maybe it’s time to let someone else fight or get out of that war, because I'll be danged if I'm gonna let that battle rattle me, anymore. Ha ha. What is that battleground? I cannot say. It would evoke provoke, so I will invoke silence. Shhh But, you would never guess. And, besides? That’s not what’s important here. And, speaking of silence? Shhhh! Yes, acshhhions speak louder than words, but 1 word speaks louder, too. What is it? It is Shhh. I heard that. Shhhockingly loud! SILENT LOL. Have a fun week. Shhhockingly fun. Sometimes? Your acshhhions are just to shhh! I will try that acshhhion for a bit. PIMP LOL. Have a day that shhhines. Sometimes, to shhhine, you to have to shhh. Silence is holdin'. Holdin' your tongue. Whatever you are still surviving but not yet conquered, but still having to survive? Keep surviving, but give the battle to God. He can help you conquer. Sometimes, your acshhhion is to shhh and give it to God. He conquers. While I can only concur! Sometimes, what seems should be the easiest battle are the ones that rattle us the most. The thing that we love and hate. The thing that makes us who we are.  And, speaking of conquering? Most fixes don't come in a bottle of pills. Or a bottle of chill. Rather a bottle of will. Power from God. Get your fix. Get your fill. That's my addiction afixtion for all afflictions. So, while I am shhh-ing this week and recording, stop by our new song and story at YouTube: Signed, The Shhh In The Shhhock In The Shhhinger Is The Vox In The Band With The Jokes In The Hand (Here's the song and story link: )

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