Shelters & Shoulders!

"SHELTERS & SHOULDERS & SHE'S!" Sometimes I gotta take shelter til I feel hueman, once again. Life is not always black and white and it ain't always huemanly possible. Alone. Sometimes, to get hue back in you, it takes trusting others. Thank you God for family, friends and You. You are our shelter. Have a Easter filled with shelter and love and hope. Thanks for having my heart while I've been away. Give someone shelter or a shoulder. BTW? I have many photographs depicting a mama sheltering her girl, but having one with vice versa shows the grace and strength I see in my girl from God. She's our girl. Sometimes, we she's need mama shelter and sometimes, we need daughter shelter. But, always? God shelter. Sheez! We she's sure are complicated! And, all the men said amen! Signed, A Trace Of A Hueman Cries & Sings Gimme Shelter

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