“SHAPE UP OR SHIFT OUT!” What? So, we’re coming up to the last season of our Netflix many month marathon of watching Deep Space Nine. Superb writing and no commercials. Stellar combo! In this particular episode, Odo, the Changeling Shapeshifter, who is a cool looking metal liquid and can change into anything, even blending in with surroundings, was being disloyal to the team and getting sucked in with the evil Founders. Literally. They refer to the humans as “solids”. Well, I yelled out: He better shape up or shift out. PIMP LOL. Well, he did later in the story and actually chooses to stay in solid form and live with the solids. He shaped up! PIMP LOL. So, anyways, we were tired of the high costs and commercials and still nothing engaging or non-low standards to see, so we decided since they didn’t shape up, we shifted out. And, shifted into Netflix and antennas. Got rid of cable a long time ago and opted for the $8 a month Netflix. It’s our only entertainment expenditure. We provide the music and humor. Keeps us in shape and shifting gears. And, loyal to our standards and beliefs. Sometimes, we all must shape up or shift out. You know? Get ourselves together (in shape) or shift gears. And, be aware of the shape of things. Being called “solid” is a good thing. And, yes, I know the saying is actually “shape up or ship out!” Have a stellar day. Be a solid human. Oh! And, the photodrama? Me, somewhere out there in "Outertrace", trying to get back into shape! In solid form! TNT LOL. I like being a solid person. Someone to be counted on! And, remember? Change, though, tough is always the shape of things to come. PIMP LOL. Signed, The InterNetfliXbox360-er In H-er

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