Scheming & Dreaming In A Florida Winter Wonderland!

Well, our outdoor lights have all finally worn out. Except our snowman and 1 string of white lights. I love those new white outdoor lights that look like ice dripping, glistening and melting because that is what I do with our big snowman. I put him in the garden with a moon above and a few lights around him on the garden ground to look like he is melting in our Florida winter. No worries. The poinsettias from a secret elf left in the garden will do this year. In fact, they look so good with my color scheme. I was going to get red rose bushes when we could, but maybe a few more elves will drop off some more red poins so I can deck the whole hall. Well, deck the whole little fence. I dont have a big hall and spiraling stairway like I used to. This will have to do. I can plant them after Christmas permanent and they would look lovely with our colors. Thankful for the plants and the Guard Of my Garden for scheming up such beauty. If you look through all the photographs you may even see a few elves I spotted or Bumble from Rudolph. Hes on the fence about Florida weather. Or, even, Santa and his reindeer making a practice run over our lil corner of the world. Signed, The Schemer In The Dreamer

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