Saturday Nights!

This place where we play on Saturdays? The head boss guy lets us out to party down there and improv a bit. And, improve a bit, too! PIMP LOL. He’s brave and He loves us. I’ve got to hand it to Him! He knows how to fill us with music. Oh! And, the drummer’s hidden behind the bass playa just in case things get out of hand. PIMP LOL. What? We’ve seen a stick or two flying out of his hands. And, I’ve been known to drop a dance or two while holding my mic in hand. And, that guitar player’s hands go all out, too. Yes. Things DO get out of hand! And, into the heart and soul. Because music sets the stage. And, the stage sets the music. But, God sets the heart and soul. Have a dancing day. Off to work on our own original set of music, now. I hope things get out of hand. And, into the heart and soul. Oh! And, would someone please do my hair that color. I like the way the lights made it look. Sort of purple red velvet brown. Signed, The Winger In The Singer

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