Ruffled & Wrestled About Our Vessels!

“Ruffled & Wrestled About Our Vessels!” So, I was pinning my dust ruffle around the bed the other day to sew at a “later” date because it was torn almost the whole way around and dragging on the floor. So, anyways, last night I was awoken in the middle of the night with a sharp deep scratch down my leg. OUCH! Yep. One of those pins must have got left on the bed and it stuck in my leg. I didn’t get too ruffled. Just dragged myself outta bed and got the pin out. Life hurts. And, then you laugh! Oh! It would have been nice to buy another ruffle but, that got me thinking… More and more, everyday, I find that having li’l is less overwhelming, more or less. And, more and more, everyday, I find that the li’l is more than I need, more or less. The thing is, what’s important’s not the things in the vessels we call our homes, but the home we let God make in our vessels. And, our homes. Having less things does keep activities like getting dressed, cooking, eating and living life, simple, uncomplicated and b.a.s.i.c. We may have to wrestle with our vessel and God, at times, to make do, but we get it done, by the grace of God. And, a lot of kooky kreativity. Except when it comes to underwear. You just gotta have lots of those. For our vessel. In case we have to wrestle. Or, get ruffled! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. I'm def not saying life isn't much easier with money, because I've had a few years of plenty. Just sayin' it doesn't solved all. Oh! And, the photodrama? Just some of my fave vessels and vinyls in our music room! And, you can on the one that it says “NOT FRAGILE”. Well, our vessels are fragile like the ones in the photograph, but God strengthens our spirit and He made our vessels wondrously to do such amazing things. Yes, they wear out and crack and break, but we get new ones, one day. Until then? We Signed, I Wrest My Trace

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