“ROOTS! THEY KEEP ME STANDING AND I STAND ON THAT!” So, yay! Cool! We get to fix the AC! It’s okay. A li’l sarcasm lightens the load. But, it doesn't suck or blow! Jus' life. Well, come to think of it? It IS gonna suck AND blow here shortly. And, then cleanup and more cool! Cuz, we're blowing it out 1 end with the hose and sucking it out the other end with a borrowed ShopVac. Hmmm...wonder if I can use this advanced technology on my sinuses, ears, lungs and head? If we can make the AC breathe and get unclogged with all that gook, we should be able to fix me. Trace's might blow! Well, have a cool day. Sometimes, when life sucks or blows, you just gotta suck it up and blow it out! BTW? Do ya think there’s much humidity in the air today? I mean, in the hair? PIMP LOL. Wild hair day! Comes with the work. And, we all gotta work. Sure hope we get some rain today. Today def calls for a Pink Panther or John Candy movie. Hopefully, some music,! You’ll notice I’m standing on some tree roots and that’s why I’m looking down. I’m actually looking up in my heart thinking…”yep, I’ve got roots”. And, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout the purple hair roots. No. I’m talking ‘bout God. That’s the reason I can look at fixing the AC and wild hair days as not sucking or blowing. Even when they do. Because I got roots… And, I stand on that! PIMP LOL. He IS what keeps me standing. Oh! And, I got my music roots, too! Signed, Cracking A Half Smile Then Resting A Whole While

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