“ROCKS, PEBBLES & STONES!” If you’re gonna dig a hole and crawl in it? Least cover yourself with a rock. The Rock. So, when folks say what rock did you come crawling out of? You’re covered. Sometimes, we all need to hide out. BTW? I took a walk for the first time in a while and got a pebble in my boot, somehow. The whole way back home, I found myself praying: God, please move this pebble! PIMP LOL. Now, I know most times we ask God to move mountains, but all I wanted was this pebble. It’s the li’l things that move us. Just think of David. He took down a giant with a pebble. A Rock. Take down your giant today with a pebble and the Rock. God can move pebbles and Rocks. Phgotograph? You can see dirty faced me peeking out from under the rock I crawled under. Soon, to be out and completely well. I always say: you gotta get dirty to stay grounded. BTW? There’s a million references to stones and rocks and all that I have running thru my mind. I used to get stoned, now I get rocked. PIMP LOL. I even love a lot of the Stones songs and sing them. Even, my title and signature on this story has to do with the cartoons “The Flintstones”. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. That one’s God’s. You get it. Signed, Rocking The Pebble! Bam Bam!

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