ROCKIN' THE PORTA-POTTY AT THE JAZZ FEST WITHOUT GRUMBLING LIKE A BEAR!  What? So, here's my true story 'bout grumbling. I once got stuck in a port-a-potty in 104 degree temps at a Jazz Fest. How'd I get out? Um...they "rocked" me out! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. They rocked it back and forth until the lock came open. No, they weren't grumbly and bears about it. Just laughing like crazy! And, I didn't even have to use potty mouth to get their attention. Not much, anyways. Cuz, I'm classy-ically trained! I know there's a blues song here somewhere. Maybe a blazzy song? 2 of the artists? BB and Muddy Waters. Ha ha. How ironic. No. I didn't get muddy water on me. Anyways, when you're stuck in the muck, rock the lock. It'll set you free. Truth. God's my Rock. And, all that jazz. Have a fun day. Rock it! Help get someone unstuck. And, don't be a a bear and grumble about it. Like Paul said to the Philippians for all of us to read: do all things without grumbling. BTW? I usually do my own illustrations, but this time this one I came across accidentally on purpose was so perfect for this. And, though I never like anyone to follow me to the "outhouse", I will keep someone close if ever I am forced to use a porta-outhouse. I don't think my heart or me could take it. PIMP LOL. Signed, Never Again Can She & Her Aorta Enter That Sorta Porta

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