“Rockin’ The Milestones With Tears & The Movies With Close-Captioning!”

Rockin The Milestones With Tears & The Movies With Close Captioning! Well, attempting my first sit at my desktop to do a blog in almost a month. Cant sit up too long, but here goes. So, I got leftover frozen ham bone with plenty of meat on it, drippings and beans simmering on the stove whilst I simmer on the couch. Id like to be cooking like the ham. What? Im a ham, too! Oh well! I cant get into any trouble on my couch. Darn it! If my life was a close-captioned movie, the words on the screen would right now read: Illegible mumblings in the distance. PIMP LOL. No worries. Im hoping to hear see these words on the screen of my life close captioned movie: Mighty Melodious Milestone Music & Light Teardrops Sounds" as I might go out the door for my 1st trip to store in 17 days later tonight with fam. If Im able. I've heard that caption many wondrous times. After coming home from months of hospital, life saving surgeries, seizures, blood transfusions too many to count and waking up alive!!! Upon finalizing song recordings, graduation for our girl, college and so many more milestones. I have The Rock I set my feet upon to thank for those stones. Thanks, guys, for sticking close during these times and reading the captions. Im going to try to catch up a few of my blogs today since Im a month behind at all my sites. Just a little. Sit up a bit and then lie down a lot. Have a fun day. Oh! And, I used a new free effect to get the tears on my photo. I promise I'm not crying. Not too much. PIMP LOL. Signed, Mild Groans In Milestones

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