“ROCKERS R RIGHT AS RAIN!” What? So, you know, a sure way to bring the rain is to go out and sit in the sun. DUH LOL. Was just taking a few minutes to get my lungs and head some fresh air and watch a storm brewing off in the distance. Well, it WAS in the distance. PIMP LOL. Came upon me fast! As you can see by my empty lawn chair and this photograph being taken from my front porch. Speaking of my front porch? Stop by and sit a spell. There’s always a rocker available. And a rocker chair! PIMP LOL. Cuz, I’m always off mine. Have a rocking day. Here’s the link to go sit there: Oh! And, speaking of storms brewing? Sometimes, there’s nothing we CAN do but watch until it gets close enough to prepare. Sometimes, we bail out and make a run for it. Sometimes, we have to sit in the midst of it. With any storm or life storm, the rain amidst the lightning and thunder is like the refreshing tingling amongst the terror and torture. And, some storms last a moment or two. Others? Seem like a lifetime. But, in either case? You're never alone... You have an umbrella of hope and love and security. If you open it up. If you open up... Oh! And, lastly? You guys all know you love to have a reason to snuggle and hide away from it all. Makin' us feel right as rain! SIGNED, The Rocker In Me Who Loves Storms & The Storm Maker

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