Rhymes Without A Song!

“Rhymes Without A Song!” So, why do I have an antique baby powder blue snowflake gem sweater on in the middle of summer? Well, other than my Mom sent it to me this week and I love it and her, it just that sometimes, even when life heats up, we feel cold. In this case, physically cold. PIMP LOL. But, I mean in life. When it heats up? We can either be cold or warm. I choose to be warmhearted. Hence, the gem of a sweater, not to mention, thankfully adorning the spirit of God in me to keep the fires burning! Have a fun weekend, gems! What’s in you adorns you. And, adores you to God and others. But, that’s not saying you can’t have adornment on the outside to feel good and be you. Put forth your inner and outer gem. And, speaking of being you? That takes guts. Don't matta whatcha gots. But, matters whatcha guts. Making do in the middle of doo. Putting out without much to put in. Puttin'. Not poutin'. What I do and what I don't is why I won't. Give up. Having guts and no butts. About it. Have a fun weekend. No buts about it. Remember, we are each a unique snowflake of a person. We’ve each felt like we were a rhyme without a song. And speaking of just that? Here is us being just us, b.a.s.i.c.ally. Our new love song called “Rhymes Without A Song”. Stop by. It’s something that is NOT unique to any one of us, but all of us. We can all relate to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGetH2pzH84 Signed, What Occerd To Word Nerd

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