“PUTTIN’ YOUR BUTS TO BED!” What? Well, today I am kicking butt, one “but” at a time. You know how most everything comes with a but? Like: You can do that, but… I'm your friend, but… I know I promised, but… You're awesome, but… I do love you God, but… Right? We've all bawled a bit over a few buts, but! We need to kick those but butts, one but at a time! Replace them with a period. Better yet? An exclamation! Doubts & letdowns come in the form of buts and butts. Don’t be a butt to someone by adding a but after a promise, now or later. Period! Keep your word. Exclamation! So, have a kick butt day. No buts about it! And, tonight? Put those buts to bed. Pray about the buts and pray FOR the butts. Because, we all know that if our buts are in God's hands and our other butts are in bed, we shall sleep better. DUH LOL PIMP LOL. And, thanks, guys for having my back about the "but" that happened to me yesterday. I decided to delete the story, though it wasn't bad and I wasn’t a butt about it. I just wanted to be quiet and give it to God. God knows my heart! SIGNED, I Have My Doubts, But I Kick Them Outs

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