“PROMISES, SQUIRRELS & UNEXPECTED JOY! IT'S NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD!” So, this morning had some unexpected rain. You know I love unexpected rain, but then I love expected rain, too. I love when the weather man says its going to rain and it really does. But, when they’re not calling for it, and I see a little cloud or my radar app on my phone shows it, I unexpectedly smile. It’s great when things and people follow through with expected plans. We expect that. And, so we should. But, there’s disappointment when things or people don’t. So, when you get a joy unexpectedly, it comes with no chance for disappointment. Like weather forecasts or people’s intentions. S’like being a kid at their first Christmas. No chance for disappointment. Just pure joy. That’s what unexpected rain is for me. A surprise from above letting me know He knows I am here. We are here. So, anyways, the funny thing is that while I was standing out on the porch to see the rain, I heard a weird cat kind of sound coming from our huge Norfolk Pine. After much investigation, I finally laid my eyes on a rather large plump squirrel making that weird noise. It was trailing one of our many lizards that live on our porch and front garden area. He kept that noise and chase up for a long time. After a while, he heard my camera and glanced over at me and I unexpectedly got a shot of him. In fact, several. You just never know what you may hear or see or feel when you go out in the rain. And, when you follow through. I know… You’re thinking that possibly that squirrel has some relatives that live close by. In my head. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Find unexpected joy from following through with unexpected plans. And, expected joy from keeping promises. Spread some. Promises. And, joy. Oh! And, the photographs I snapped are of the things I found joy in while listening to the rain and the squirrels. And, not just the ones in my head. DUH LOL. One shot of the squirrel looks so evil. Like a rat! You will notice in one shot that the sky had already cleared by the time I got done squirreling around with the morning. I would have loved for it to rain all day. Jus’ saying. Oh! And, I actually had a pet squirrel named “Ecru” when I was in my 20’s. No!! He didn’t live in my head. SILENT LOL. Well, enough squirrels for you today. One last thing? Follow through. For yourself. For those you make promises to. It's not just a thing in your head. Like squirrels. It's in the heart. Expect the unexpected. How do I clean out the squirrels in my head? By keeping promises and standing on the promises of God. Signed, The Joy In The Tomboy & The Squirrel In The Girl

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