"PRAYSING!" Sometimes you gotta stop lookin' back and rock on before you turn to stone... When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, sing. Give it up or live it up. When I was feeling crushed in betwixt that rock and a hard place today I had to remember that God is only a stone's throw prayer away. Reminded me of something I call praysing. When my daughter was younger, at bedtime, we always had our prayers and then she would ask me to sing to her. One night during prayers, she started singing her prayers. It was so mind and heart blowing to me. She said if we pray and we sing to God why can't we sing our prayers? I said that of course we can. They are both forms of talking. Why not! And, named it praysing. Now, today, people call church music "praising" but, we still call it praysing. Because singing is a form of communication and so is prayer. Bam! Have a great day. Have some fun. And, do some praysing. They go hand in hand! OH! And, the effects on this are rock and stone and blue, of course. And, a few others. PIMP LOL. Signed,

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