“PLUGS, OUTLETS & HEARTS!” So, what did Mr. Wally Outlet say to the new guy, Cord? Um, no room here. Go find ya another hangout. I’m all plugged up. And, it seems to be contagious ‘round here. PIMP LOL. Okay, just some light humor today. Night light humor. And, wall outlet humor. See, all the outlets in our music room and connected bathroom are always full up. And, that got me thinking… Everyone needs an outlet. A safe place to go. A place to get recharged. Without getting burnt. We should all have a friend like that. But, I also know a place where’s there’s always room for anyone. You’ll certainly get a charge out of it. And, you’ll def get plugged in. Where? God’s outlet. There’s one out there nearby everyone’s beat. HEART beat, that is. Signed, Plugged Up & Plugged In

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