"Pits” Stops!

“Pits” Stops! What? So, Y does wear and tear turn into wearY and tearY? Because, when we tread upon life’s road race, blowouts happen. I know. It’s the pits. We try to make repairs, alone. On the side of the road. Or, we just keep runnin’! When we should be making a pit stop. Taking our worn out treads and tires to the One who never tires or grows weary of doing good in those pit stops. How often would you stop for maintenance from the main Mechanic if life was never the pits? I’m not saying I like it at all. No. I may spend too much time making pits stops, but it keeps me on the road. In the race. And, if you keep a good relationship with Him when you’re on the road? You’ll find yourself turning in the pit stops with much more speed during the pits. That’s a good “need for speed”! PIMP LOL. And, never weary of doing good. That’s straight from the Master Mechanic! Yes, I've been rebuilt. And, I am still being rebuilt! By the Master Mechanic... I'm thinking I need some replacement parts, soon. PIMP LOL. Okay, so to end my story, just want to say to keep racing! And share this song and video of ours about being on the road of life. Sometimes, you just gotta stop running and make a “pits” stop. Stop the link at our pits stop. Would I ever steer you wrong? Oh! And, I just happened to think of a second story that goes with cars, etc. So, here goes: I don’t wear much foundation or makeup. I need to and would love to find some that I feel comfy in. So, the other day, I ran across a make-up powder that says it has primer right in it! Now, THAT caught my attention. Cuz, us spirits with older vehicles to ride in, may have gotten banged up a bit over the our driven years and in need of primer before we put on the new coat of paint. PIMP LOL. Have a fun night. I know our Main Foundation is in us, firmly. But, I am so gonna try this powder foundation for ON me. Primerarily for my benefit. But, also for yours. TNT LOL SILENT LOL. Yep! Gonna paint the town. Well, my face! Signed, Primerarily & Firmly Foundationed, The Racer In The Tracer So here's the song and vid for this story and our newest and it won $100 Amazon card, Yay! Thankful, Come in handy for Christmas, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzhgDlyX3DI&feature=share&list=UUxFvYnNRguW_5wwKYES98xQ

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