Picking Tasteful Words!

“Picking Tasteful Words!” What? So, I am so daring I layer 3 diff lip stains just to get the color I want. Yes, my lips are stained. But, not with colorful words. PIMP LOL. Well, yes, with colorful words. Just not the abjective or the objective ones aimed at bringing down to the gutter. Rather, the adjective ones that require using the heart. Subjective to thought! A long time ago, I had a nastay mouth. Cursing was 2nd nature. Now? Don’t know what all the fuss is over cuss. Curse just makes things worse. Not my nature. Not stained anymore. Just my lips. Oh! And, maybe my hair. PIMP LOL. Yep. I dare to be tasteful. With my mouth, too. DUH LOL. Have a fun day. Pick your words wisely. Tastefully. 'tis good to be picky about your lip stains and your words. If I'm gonna stain my lips, it's gonna be with pretty colors of lip stain and tasteful words. Anyways, got up very late and sick but must have needed the rest. Must get a few things accomplished. Now, to see what's wrong with the AC or is it fever? In either case? I will try to remain tasteful! TNT LOL. Signed, My Flip On Lip

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