PERSPECTIVE PROSPECTIVE HOPE!" Sometimes, life comes at you sideways and you gotta look at life from a different perspective to see the prospect of hope. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Hard, but so true. Happy Bluesday Tuesday, guys! As the skies and waters God made are blue, so be our hopes. Endless and true. Remain strong. When you got the blues? Sing 'em! Singing helps everything. Music is God's magical, magnificent gift of convo that everyone feels, understands and remembers. Music is the medicine that pours out. But, not from a bottle. You can't bottle up that blues medicine. When you pour yourself out, it fills you up! Music is the only medicine I can take. And, give. And, some of us require a lot of meds. PIMP LOL. Have a bluesy day. Sing! Stop by and sing with us. Got some b.a.s.i.c. blues playing on our house player there. I'm working on getting stronger. 'ppreciate everyone's love and lifts. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes, homemade

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