“PEAKS, PEEKS & RAGAMUFFINS!” Yes! I just snuck in and took a peek at my college bound girl sleeping late in her bed for 1 of the last mornings for awhile. Sure gonna miss those peeks. They give my day peaks. Well, I will just have to seek other ways to peek in on her. We will def text, skype, call and write. Also, thank you guys for praying for me these past days. Been very very ill for a long time and I still am as I write this. And, I am sure most of you are sick of me being sick and writing about it. AND! I don’t understand why I would have to be at this important time, but I am still trusting God, though I feel like a ragamuffin, inside and out. God knows my heart. That’s the good news, the bad news. And, the Good News! A wise man and friend, told me the 1st part of that! And, I added the 2nd part. PIMP LOL. Appreciate you guys all putting up with me being selfish this past week. Please keep lifting up the prayers through our trip Saturday and beyond. Your prayers give me peaks and let me know you're peeking in on me and caring. And, that? Makes this ragamuffin feel less peaked. PIMP LOL. Must have humor in the midst. Must have whoas in the midst of woes. I do not claim to understand suffering, nor like it, though I do peek in on God a lot during those times... SIGNED, The Seeker In The Peeker In The Ragamuffin

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