“PEACE PUZZLE PIECES! HOW FITTING!” What? So, I was thinking… Do we come at people around us with “you want a piece o’ me?” or do we come at them with “a peace of me”? PIMP LOL. Hmmm… My daughter used to say “you want a piece of me” when she was a tiny tot because she heard it from Grandpa and it was so funny. She even had a shirt that said it. But, when we’re adults, we realize we all have wars raging within us. That we let seep out at others not in the battle. They get the wounds from our war when we should be taking our war to the Peacemaker and Woundtaker. We have a song called “Hurt The Ones We Love”. About, just that! Going to have to resurrect it now! Anyways, those around us see it all. Hear it all. And, they get it all. We put them on our front lines! We should take our “piece of me” to the Fixer Of All Puzzles. And, get peace. Get the whole picture. Quit trying to force things to fit. And, give our front lines a break from the battle. Just ask Him to take your pieces and make a peace puzzle. It may take some work and time, but to do this is, well, fitting… Have a fun day. Give others your peace. Not a piece of you. That would be fitting. Oh! And, yes! I do love puzzles. Of all kinds!!! You know me! Puzzles and me? A good fit. Now, go have a good day and don't have any fits! Unless, it's with a puzzle! PIMP LOL. Signed, The Peace Puzzle Lover In The Pieces Of A Mother

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