Paint 'til Ya Faint!

"Paint 'til Ya Faint!" So, I had high hopes of paintin’ the town today and raising the flag of fun. Had to settle for painting the mailbox and raising the flag of “there’s mail in me”! To the letter. PIMP LOL. Used the leftover house paint. Though the top looks black, it’s dark brown. Now, I just need to get some green and red paint to put vines and roses on the numbers and down the wood. And, put some rocks and plants around it. Another day. You just know I gotta rock it! In the meantime I put my Grandma's Christmas tree red bird she gave me before she went to heaven to watch over it and protect it from the hoodlums who smashed it. he is glued to his seat. Literally! And, he poops on anyone who misuses it. PIMP LOL. Anyways, hoping these fixed up pieces of our mailbox lasts a while. We’ve been smashed 6 times by those who know no respect. Have a fun day. Blow someone away. Send them a note or card. Raise their flag of hope. Never faint in doing the quaint. Show some respect. Oh! And, you just know I needed a little convincing to get this part of the job done today, so I turned on my boom box and played me some Vince Gill. He con”Vince”d me! We all need a li’l convincing to do something, sometimes. The rest will have to wait for another day. Because I need some rest, now. Oh! It was very hot, but there was a great breeze as you can see in one of the shots of me taking my tired butt in to wash up the paint brushes. And, yes. I painted the screws and flag to match. Details… Makin' do... Signed, The Quaint In The Saint With The Paint Ain’t Gonna Faint (at least 'til I get in the house cuz I got a reputation to uphold)

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