Our Gutmost!

“OUR GUTMOST!” Was talking to my best friend in Pennsylvania on the phone about how it takes us so freaking long to learn some things. She was feeling tired of people and serving. I said to her: Seems like when you strive to be a stand up person and love and do your utmost in all you do for God, yourself, those you love and really all those around you so you can make a diff, it doesn’t always sit well. No sir. No ma’am. Stand up does not always sit well. But, stand up is a commitment. A continual action. Even when it doesn’t sit well with us. We may even fail and fall, but getting back up is stand up, too. Nope. Being stand up doesn’t always sit well with everyone. And, you know it’s not very comfy for us either, sometimes. We tire. And, feel like sitting it out. And, even then? We can be standup about it. Even when we must get away and sit, it can still sit well with us by being standup and trusting God. Giving our utmost, sometimes, is more like giving our gutmost. Takes guts. Mostly. Signed, No Stomach, Lotsa Guts

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