Oppor”tune”ities & Oppor"teenieweenie"ities Of A Lifetime! So, oppor"teenieweenie"ities are those hard to see, very small, seemingly unimportant opportunities that end up making a big diff in our lives. Oppor"tune"ities are those songs, those tunes, that come to us at opportune times and make a big diff in our lives. Tunes that give us chills… Why do I keep singing even when I don’t see all the frills? Cuz it stills gives me thrills! And, chills! When I begin singing, I am free. The only place I am. And, that? Is my medicine. Oh! And, the photograph? Just an old one of 3 members of our previous band “Shepherd’s Heart”. Of course, Sam and myself and then our dear friend Bill on bass. We used to rock the flock, unsheepishly. PIMP LOL. Here we are nailing down some parts of a song. Take a small teenie weenie opportunity to make a diff in other lives. As well as our own. To use our own original tunes to work as a team, a family… To make a diff. Our pastor used to let us practice in the church building any time and play there as much as we could. We really did rock the “house”. PIMP LOL. One time, after practice, we backed up the band truck to the front doors to load up and clutch slipped and the truck smashed right through the front of the church. No joke. We had to go to his house and tell him what happened. He laughed. What a great man. We really knew how to make a scene! And, crash one! PIMP LOL. Anyways, we took that small opportunity at that small church and used it for big stuff. Oppor”tune”ities. Come in all sizes in our lives. And, in all songs. Oh! And, you can’t really see it, but I have my classic Shure mic in my hand when it was new. Still love it. Okay, so, if you get an opportunity? Come by our website: www.basicband.biz Oppor”tune”ities of a lifetime are there. Songs from all through our lives. Hey! I think I just thought of the new title for our new album we are starting while waiting on money for CD’s to be made. And, waiting and searching for more members of our newer band “the b.a.s.i.c. band” so we can play more. And, still make a diff. And, speaking of diffs? You can make a diff in our lives by getting one or both of our albums up until then. Thank you guys much for tune-ing in. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, Opportunity Knocks, Oppor"tune"ity Rocks

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